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The Williamstown Ferry

The ferry carried passengers across the Yarra River near the Newport Power Station, saving a much longer journey around the peninsula. 

There have been three Williamstown ferries. The first began operation in 1873, and was replaced by a second ferry in 1907. In December 1931 this ferry ran for the last time, and the last and best-remembered ferry began carrying passengers and cars between Port Melbourne and Williamstown. It bore the somewhat unromantic name of Newport Steam Ferry No. 3.

In the 1970s the further terminus of the ferry had to be changed, and the new manoeuvres for the craft caused wear and tear which eventually led to a breakdown on January 29 1974. The ferry had been losing money, and the former Williamstown City Council could not afford to repair it.It was docked at Newport, and after two years of stripping and other vandalism, eventually sank in May 1976.

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